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Investment Strategy

The BlackMINE Group conducts extensive due diligence to support the acquisition of, or investment in, commercial real estate assets/portfolios, Oil & Gas Fields in the US and Canada. BlackMINE’s experienced  principals and staffs are familiar with a multitude of property types, financing structures and conditions in all major markets throughout the United States, Canada, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe. Over the past 20 years, BlackMINE's principals have also developed an extensive network of experts in each market who are available to assist in the underwriting and valuation process, ensuring that our principals have the best local information available to make an informed investment decision. Additionally, BlackMINE has comparable datas (including site inspections, appraisals and site evaluations) as a result of managing various commercial properties worldwide. 

 BlackMINE Strategy

  • Development of a comprehensive due diligence plan that provides a customized solution for each investment 

  • Detailed property inspections; compilation of relevant market data (including historical performance of similar  assets from our extensive database); collection and analysis of broker interviews and market trends 

  • Investigation of credit quality and financial performance of major tenants

  • Completion of detailed investment file review and property valuation model to determine underlying collateral value and projected performance  

  • Develop a roll-up model with attendant pricing recommendations, based on each investments objectives and  directions 

  • Recommend exit strategies, resolution timing, anticipated costs of resolution and loss modeling, where appropriate.