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The BlackMINE® Group is a full service, innovative and well positioned real estate investment firm founded in 2007 by Abdul Mathin, Chairman and CEO, to focus on creating and managing unique real estate developments, real asset management and holding companies.The BlackMINE Group's principals have been involved in sponsoring and operating several real estate investments from several hundred millions to billions in the US and around the world.

Guided by a precision tool of vision with unlimited scope of strategies, our key objectives are to achieve and manage above average risk-adjusted returns in both established and developing private equity markets; to assist in the diversification of the BlackMINE Group's portfolio whilst offering a lasting contribution and acting as a catalyst for economic growth; and to a greater dividends with value growth, diversification, and strategic investments and relationships.

"Our underlying investment philosophy is to take a long-term view, follow strict investment guidelines, implement Real Estate ventures with good management and credible strategies."

BlackMINE's vision has come to a reality to invest in Oil Fields, Gas Explorations and Minerals. We are securing leases on several Oil & Gas Fields with expert management Team in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming.

BlackMINE's Direct Investments:

1.67 Million SF Mixed use Complex in Orlando Florida

533 Rooms 5 Star Hotel Project - 350,000SF Indoor Mall 800,000 Paking Garage                                             MEDIA 


Oil Gas Division

BlackMINE Resources


Aviation & Aerospace