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The BlackMINE Group's principals have been at the vanguard of institutionalizing developing markets, building leading real estate operating companies and attracting both private and public equity and debt capital. We were among the few and most active real estate investors, having invested several hundred millions in various commercial and residential properties in the US and greater global markets. We have bought and sold properties. We have retained several investments for value and growth.   

Our results can best be measured in the strength of our organization, the quality of our principals and our proven ability to create substantial enterprise value in our portfolio holding companies. Our focus on durable market trends, consistent investment themes and the application of distinct competitive advantages has resulted in scalable platforms, sustainable growth and significant success. We are generating multiple growth and liquidity options for our portfolio holding companies, achieving timely monetization and realizing attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The BlackMINE Group's principals have demonstrated building strong equities on various real estate investments and real estate developments.